giant crocodile eats scientist alive

The one thing you don’t expect to handle when you go to work is to feed a crocodile.

For employees at the Indonesian CV Yosiki Laboratory, however, feeding the local 17-foot long crocodile named Merry is a regular practice.

44-year-old Deasy Tuwo is a scientist who is the head of the lab, which reportedly manufactures beauty products.

It was to be a regular Friday morning, and Tuwo had started out the day feeding Merry the crocodile in its enclosure.

It was a feeding session she would never return from.

Tuwo’s colleagues would discover her half-devoured corpse on the ground with the crocodile later that day at about 8.45am, after they realised there was something strange floating around in the waters of the reptile’s enclosure.

Closer inspection revealed the body’s left arm was missing – presumably, the crocodile had chomped it down for a snack and the rest of the upper torso had been mutilated.

Alarmed at the sight, the scientists then contacted the nearby Tombariri police station, which then sent workers in an attempt to fish out the rest of Tuwo’s corpse.

It wasn’t an easy task – the croc battled the humans to prevent the retrieval attempts at every turn, thrashing violently whenever rescuers attempted to retrieve the body.

The humans emerged victorious in the end, however. They managed to not only rescue Tuwo’s corpse, but also restrain the crocodile for further investigation.

For those who have worked with the crocodile before, this news wasn’t entirely a surprise.

Merry had already proven itself to be a dangerous croc in the past, killing another fellow crocodile that it was supposed to be sharing the enclosure with.

The whole incident has raised questions, however – just how did the crocodile manage to seize and drag down Tuwo into its enclosure?

Why hadn’t it simply devour the entirety of its corpse? (Assuming, that is, that the need to hunt was the reason Tuwo had been attacked in the first place.)

And most importantly, why was there even a crocodile enclosure near the lab in the first place?

No one is entirely sure as to the ownership of the creature, but it is assumed that the man-eating croc belongs to the Japanese businessman that opened and owns the research facility.

Police have been attempting to contact him, but it seems that he is laying low since he has not been heard from or seen since the incident was reported on.

Until then, Merry the crocodile will be sent to a wildlife rescue centre located in the Bitung district.

There, its stomach will be inspected and tests will be conducted to see if it truly was the one who had devoured Tuwo’s corpse.

Admittedly, it is hard to imagine there being any other possibility – just what else could have caused such an incident otherwise?

It remains to be seen what will happen to the crocodile after the tests have been concluded, especially since its presumed owner has since remained otherwise untraceable.

Hopefully the police will be able to get down to the bottom of this matter.

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