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People Thought This Horse Won’t Survive Until A Transformation Began To Take Place

Here is your ‘magical’ transformation video for today. The story started in the spring of 2016 in Clondalkin (an Irish village). Some people found a horse in a field that had a halter embedded in its head. There were several other horses in the field that were galloping about. Not this horse. The people immediately called My Lovely Horse Rescue.

The horse wasn’t easy to catch, he didn’t trust people and was in severe pain. It took days to earn the horses trust. The rescuers named the horse Gerry. The wound on Gerry’s face was infected, but everyone knew that would eventually heal. They all worried if Gerry could recover psychologically. We wouldn’t have called this a transformation video for no reason!

Take a look at this video

Wasn’t this worth a watch? Good luck to you Gerry! Share away, people!