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Stray German Shepherd Pulls A Woman Out Of A Wrecked Car And Drags Her To Safety (Video)

One day, a woman named Shannon got into a unfortunate car accident when she accelerated along a curved road – it was then her car lost control and her vehicle started to skid down the driveway. Her life was in great danger as her car started to fishtail. No one was nearby to help her either.

Shannon was then flung out of her car in the process, landing on the ground. A stray dog approached Shannon, and tried to get help for her! He tugged at her gently, guiding her at least 100 feet away from the accident site where she got the medical attention she required. Adopted and re-named Hero, the dog now lives with Shannon – and undergoes wilderness training to assist in finding people who were either lost in the woods or trapped in collapsed buildings!

Watch this video:

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