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Georgian Man Tries Speaking Without Southern Accent, But Wife Loses It When He Says Oil

Do you have an accent? Most people who live in the North and South have pronounced accents. The way people say words in different parts of the country are slightly different, and that is what makes our country amazing! Some people may not even notice or realize they have an accent, unlike Stephanie Shadrick’s husband.

Stephanie’s husband is in from Georgia but was stationed in San Antonio and decided to try to speak without an accent. Watch the video to see how well he did trying to talk without that southern drawl! The one word that seems to trip him up every single time is “oil!” He was a good sport! Enjoy!

Take a look at this video!

Every now and again, I try to say things with an Australian or English accent, and it isn’t easy – but then again, I don’t have a thick Southern Accent like Stephanie’s husband! Share away, people!