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Musician Walks Into Children’s Hospital And Starts To Play, Cop Interrupts With A Message That’s Going Viral

GENTRI, otherwise known as The Gentlemen Trio, is a group of three dynamic tenor singers with lots of professional training and plenty of past musical credits under their collective belts.

Before banding together to become a world famous group, these three men – consisting of Casey Elliott, Brad Robins, and Bradley Quinn Lever – were starring in small musical productions.

They met when they performed in a minor scale Les Miserables production and hit it off right away.

A wife of one of the three men urged them to form a group of their own, and they decided to go through with it – and the rest is history!

Nowadays, apart from performing for fans, GENTRI has a YouTube channel where they post covers and music videos of a variety of songs with beautiful arrangements.

Their work, kicked into gear by composer Stephen Nelson, has inspired people all around the world.

One of GENTRI’s most recent releases is their rendition of the Christmas classic Little Drummer Boy.

To bring even more heartwarming seasonal cheer to this song, they decided to leave behind expensive mixing, graphic, or editing and focus on what truly matters.

So they chose to make their music video a little more special by featuring a number of wonderful kids from a children’s hospital.

GENTRI’s biggest message that they focus on spreading through their music is chasing dreams and empowering their listeners.

They believe that the only person standing in between someone and their dreams is that someone themselves, and thus, they hope for their music to inspire listeners to rise above their challenges and embrace the difficulties they face.

They also hope to help those who are facing hard times, encouraging them to keep going and try again until they meet the success they’ve been seeking.

Essentially, their goal is to urge their listeners to become the absolute best people they can be, regardless of what their dreams are and who they are.

This message shines through in their music video for Little Drummer Boy.

In this video, the three can be seen striding down the hospital hallways, singing with love and strength to showcase the spirit and perseverance of the children staying in that hospital.

They also featured quite a few of the children themselves, giving them the chance to have their stories told in small but beautiful ways.

GENTRI has stated time and time again that their music is about honoring a moral code and doing the right thing, and that a drive for profit or material success is never what will propel them forward.

They’re never going to give up their style and down-to-earth music and videos for more “profitable” endeavors.

All GENTRI truly wants to do is uplift those around them, to tell stories that will inspire listeners, and to present motivational material to those who need them most.

They aim for their authentic approach to music to be very clear from the get-go – and with videos like the one for Little Drummer Boy, that message really comes true.

After all, that’s what Christmas is all about: love, family, and giving.

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