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Gentle Dog Who Was Ignored Most Of Her Life Finally Finds Loving Home For Her Final Months

Bianca is a sweet, wonderful dog who spent the first seven years of her life living in a dog house made of cardboard and wood, being overfed by the people who gave her food. The street dog spent her time in front of a public swimming pool in Athens, Greece. But a while ago, all that changed and she got a second shot at life.

Bianca had begun to develop a limp, and it wasn’t long before she completely lost the use of her hind legs, leading her to need to drag herself around. When Valia Orfanidou of The Orphan Pet was able to get to her, the pup was in bad shape, with her part of her body that couldn’t leave the floor covered in her own waste and blood.

Despite having a routine she had lived by all her life, the gentle pup trusted the rescuers and let them take her, lead her into their car, clean her, and give her a check-up – even though she had to get shots. X-rays revealed that Bianca had degenerative myelopathy, which meant she would only get worse until she would eventually require assistance to move, breathe, and eat.

As the pup was cleaned up, it began to be clear that Bianca was an extremely beautiful pup with gorgeous white floor. But Orfanidou was worried that she would not be able to find a home – but luckily, a foster home was already awaiting her!

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It wasn’t long before she was driven to meet her new foster Mom, attached to her new wheelchair. She ate, drank, and rested in her new crate, beyond happy to be in a home at last. We wish Bianca the best for the future and hope that she gets to spend the rest of her life in peace and happiness!

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