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Garbagemen Crushing Trash In Their Truck, Hear Cries For Help From Plastic Bag

When two garbage disposal men were compacting and crushing trash from their truck, they weren’t expecting to suddenly hear loud, desperate cries coming from a plastic bag.

They located the bag that the noises were coming from and were shocked by what they nearly crushed.

Inside the bag was a little gray cat whose fur was entirely doused in gasoline.

Immediately, they knew she had to be taken to a hospital.

Upon arrival, she was noticeably dehydrated and worryingly underweight, with signs that she had been suffering from abuse.

Somehow, despite suffering the effects of breathing in gas fumes for days, and she was able to survive long enough to call out for help.

Her incredible story and strength have earned this kitty the name Miracle Maisy!

Take a look at this video

Now that she’s recovering, her sweet personality is beginning to show, and she’s loving all the head and chin scratches she’s been getting!

Soon, she will be on the way to finding the loving forever home that she deserves.

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