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When This Kitty Gets Tired, He Heads On To His Favorite Couch And Does The Cutest Thing!

Have you ever been so tired that you just fall asleep the moment you slip under the covers? Some people say that they were asleep before their head hit the pillow. I have never experienced that – but, I do know that sometimes, you just crash. Your body can’t take anymore, and it shuts down for a nap.

Animals and young children are really good at this too. They run and run and then, they are asleep – just like that! The little gray kitten in this video must have had a fantastic day! He is all tuckered out. His owners had never seen him sleeping like this, so they took out the camera to record.

Take a look at this video!

You have to admit; he is adorable. He did a face plant onto the arm of the couch. Sweet little guy! Imagine after his little power nap this kitty will be raring to go once again! Share away, people!