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Funny Little Dog Plays Dead Each Time He Is Taken Away From His Owner

You can’t make someone like you, no matter what you do. If they choose not to give you the time of day, you don’t really have much of a choice in the matter! Sounds deep and depressing? Don’t worry! I’m actually just talking about this dog, who absolutely cannot stand one of the members of his family.

When the dad of this family got a new pup, everyone was super excited to meet him! He’s adorable, spirited, and loving to all – well, to almost all. One person in the family, Daniel, has done everything he can to show love and affection this little pooch, but the pup absolutely will not stand for it!

Image Credit: YouTube

Whenever the dog sees Daniel, he barks as fiercely as he can. Daniel tries his best to befriend the dog, but he refuses to cooperate. He doesn’t want to be around him at all and will do everything he can to be away from Daniel. Still trying to win over the pup, Daniel decides to pick up the dog and hold him, but then the funniest thing happens!

This dog hates Daniel so much that when he’s picked up and forced to be near him, he immediately freezes and plays dead. No matter what Daniel does, the dog sticks out his tongue and remains completely unmoving. He only comes back to life when he’s put back on the ground or on someone else’s lap – at which point he starts barking at Daniel again!

Someone give this dog an Oscar! He’s so committed to his role when playing dead that he never breaks character. Let’s hope that these two get along a little better in the future.