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How This Funny Dog Grabs Grandma’s Attention Will Make You Laugh!

Jealousy is never pretty. It makes people do some pretty silly (and stupid) things! When a new baby comes into a home, parents may have to pave the way with any other children that live in the home. Even if that ‘child’ has four legs and a fur coat! Some dogs may never get over it when a new baby disrupts their perfect life.

The dog in this video is trying to make sure no one has forgotten him! The woman is trying to show love to her new granddaughter when the dog gently, but persistently takes her arm and indicates that he needs a belly rub! Poor grandma can’t pick up her human grandchild because the dog is desperate for love!

Take a look at this video

At least we know that there is a lot of love and laughter in this house. Just think, in a few years, this dog will have the greatest playmate of all time!

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