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Son Was Found Frozen Solid, Lying Lifeless In The Hospital. Then Dad Witnesses A Miracle

The human body was not designed to survive temperatures that go below zero degrees (or really hot temperatures either). In really cold weather, you can wear layers, but that isn’t going to protect you for long. Justin Smith, 25, walked home during a winter storm. He was stuck in the storm for 10 hours.

He was found lying on the ground, he was frozen, and not given much hope for survival. One doctor decided to have a machine warm up Justin’s blood – and it worked! Justin once again had a pulse – but would his organs come back to? It took 12 days, but yes, Justin finally woke up! While Justin did lose all of his toes and both pinky fingers, he is alive today to tell his story.

Take a look at this video

It took nearly 11 months to recover, but we’re glad he’s okay. Share away, people.