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Stranger Walks Pass A Homeless Woman — Then Saw A Dead Frozen Newborn Baby

A newborn baby boy lost its life as the temperatures fell in Portland. According to reports, the newborn was born at a homeless people’s settlement in the city. He was found, ice cold, in his mother’s arms. The mother walked up to a man and showed him her dead baby. The man called the police. First responders arrived and radioed that the baby was breathing.

The child was taken to the hospital, they worked on him for 25 minutes but could not revive him. The mother was only able to tell the police that she had gotten pregnant by immaculate conception. The exact cause of death was an issue of debate. Some believed the baby was stillborn, but other reports claim the infant was conscious and breathing.

representative image

Image Credit: Pixabay

The death of the baby has been recorded as stillborn. There are no investigations into homicide at this time. Share away, people.