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He Was Shocked To Find A Frozen Cat On The Porch, But Then He Noticed Her Paw…

Out in the cold winter as well as the extreme heat, you’ll never know when human help is needed – to save a poor little one from dying on the streets. The harsh temperatures accompanied by unpredictable weather often bear ill will for canines and felines who struggle to survive on their own – without any food, water or shelter. Elsa the cat, was one of them.

She was found frozen on the front porch of a man’s house one day – and looked totally lifeless. Her rescuer thought she was dead, till she moved her paws. He quickly ferried her to a local nearby animal clinic – to save her life. She survived the 6-hour recuperation period. Her rescuer has decided to name her Elsa, reminiscent of the Disney Princess bearing the same name.

Check out Elsa’s story below!

The cold never bothered her rescuer anyway.

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