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Man Posts About Lost Pug Online and Someone Dumps A Different Pug At His Door

Luke Neville is a surfer that lives in Culburra, Australia who had a pug named Bella whom he loved very much.

It is understandable that when Bella went missing, Neville was upset.

Neville and his brother, James, searched for hours but couldn’t find Bella anywhere.

Neville reached out on social media asking family and friends if they had seen his beloved dog.

One day, Neville came home, and Bella was there waiting for him!

Oh, joy! But, something was off, Bella didn’t react very excited to see him.

One of Neville’s friends found a pug that resembled Bella and left it on his doorstep.

But, it didn’t take Neville long to realize that this dog wasn’t his Bella.

For the next few days, Neville tried not only to find his dog but to find the owners of the new pug (who Neville referred to as ‘not-Bella’).

After putting in a call to his local council ranger, Neville learned that a dog matching Bella’s description was at the pound.

What a joyous reunion that must have been for both Bella and Neville!

But, the issue of the other pug that he had been given by mistake still needed to be dealt with.

Neville was more than happy to take care of not-Bella until her owners could be found.

Finally, there was news about not-Bella! Neville found a lost dog ad in the classifieds.

Thankfully, all the dogs in this story are now back with their rightful families!

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