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Guy With 5 DUI’s Passes Out In His Truck – Friends Decide To Teach Him A Lesson!

Drunk driving has resulted in countless injuries and even caused many their lives. It’s not a laughing matter in the slightest, and those who continue to drink and drive are putting themselves and everyone around them in danger. The man in this video has been charged with five DUIs, and his friends were worried about the inevitable consequences of his actions. So they set up an epic prank to teach him a lesson and hopefully knock some sense into him.

With meticulous planning, his friends set up an office and converted it into a realistic-looking hospital room, complete with beeping monitors, a reclining bed – all the works! When the man passed out drunk in his truck for the umpteenth time, his friends knew it was time for their plan to get set into motion.

They placed him into the hospital bed and taped him to some tubes and wires, and then woke him up with a fake nurse. Then, a fake doctor came into the room and informed the man that he had been in a coma for 10 years and that the year was now 2023. He even turned on the TV, which had a fake news anchor reading out silly news stories from the future!

Finally, the man’s friend came in and pretended to test him for pain, then slapped him straight across the face multiple times. The man’s reactions, from his shock at being in the coma, to the realization that it was all a prank, to hearing his friend angrily tell him that his five DUIs are no joke, are enough to blow anyone anyway. Watch the video and see for yourself!

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