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WATCH: Man Uses His Warm Breath To Free Poor Bird Frozen To Fence

In Idaho on New Year’s morning, Nelson Wilson went out to feed his horses. He saw one tiny bird perched on the steel fence by the water tank. Most of us know that touching something frozen and metal with wet hands will cause your skin to freeze onto the metal. The poor bird, a finch, had become frozen to the pipe.

Wilson wasn’t about to let the bird stay stuck to the pipe, he worked to get it free. But, it wasn’t easy, as you can imagine, the bird was scared. When holding onto the bird while trying to have his hand warm the bird’s feet didn’t work fast enough. Wilson used his breath.

Take a look at this video!

The warm air from his lungs worked, and the bird was finally free! What a way to start the new year! Thank you, Nelson, for helping the bird and sharing it video with us! Share away, people.