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Fox Rescued From Fur Farm Sings And It Is Incredibly Precious

You have heard of a swan song – right? It is the final public appearance of a performance artist before they retire. It isn’t that swan’s actually sing. Anyway, did you know that foxes could sing? I am serious. I didn’t know it myself – but in the video below, you will get to hear it! The fox in the video is Kevie, a Cinnamon fox.

A Cinnamon fox is not the same as a red fox that has rust-colored fur, a white belly, and black feet. A Cinnamon fox is completely ‘cinnamon’ in color. She had been rescued from a fur farm. Kevie has brittle bones and cannot be released into the wild. Life at the sanctuary has been good for Kevie.

Take a look at this video

Her new life has been so good Kevie has decided to sing about it. Luckily her caregivers were able to catch her beautiful song on film and share it with us.

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