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Man Comes Across A Strange Brown Block Of Ice. Upon Closer Look, There Was A Fox In It

Mother nature has been handing out some very cold, wintery weather in parts of the world. Franz Stehle, a hunter, found a fox in a river when out in southwest Germany this past December. The fox was encased in ice in the Baden-Wurttemberg area of Germany. Stehle cut the fox out of the ice making a sort of sculpture and took pictures.

It is believed the fox drowned in the river and then the river froze over. Elliot Wagland, a photo editor from the Huffington Post UK, tweeted the picture. Apparently, Stehle also found a frozen boar and bear. I am not sure this image is worth tweeting and posting. It is just sad.

Take a look at this video

I would have been able to make it through life without seeing this. Why didn’t Stehle just leave the animal be? I find his actions a little disrespectful of the fox. Share away, people.