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Fox About To Kill Stray Cat Leaves Photographer Speechless When He Zoomed In

Mother nature is awesome and takes my breath away on almost a daily basis. The photographer in this video saw something that took his breath away too! When he first saw the fox on the rocky beach at Lake Van, Turkey, it looked like the fox was hunting a stray cat. Now, before you panic, just wait – it will be okay.

The cat was not harmed at all by the wild fox! Turns out that the cat and the fox were just playing! Yes! The fox and the cat were having a gay old time romping in the woods together! Luckily, the wildlife photographer was able to capture this unique relationship on film. I mean, who would have believed him that a cat was playing a game of chase with a fox?!

Take a look at this video!

Everyone needs a friend, no matter who you are, you know it is true! What a wonderful world!

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