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Four Dads Sing Original Rap Song About Their Lives And It’s Hilarious (Video)

Father’s Day has come and gone for this year – but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear a good rap by four dads! The men are doing ‘dad’ stuff in the video that came out in 2010 in honor of dad’s everywhere! The song they are performing is an original song they have called “Dad’s Life, ” and you really need to pay attention to the lyrics!

The barbecue and lawn mower are distracting and humorous, but the lyrics are the best! Not all dads are super cool and perhaps these guys are making fun of themselves for being uncool – but to every kid, their dad is a hero! We shouldn’t just honor our dad’s on Father’s Day, we should show our appreciation for them all year long.

Take a look at this video!

After all, if it weren’t for our dad’s, we wouldn’t be here!

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