Image Credit: yousignanimals

Last year, in Houston, Yescia Tzoc. 26, killed the family dog.

The way she did it was unthinkable, and it also cost a parakeet its life too.

Court documents stated that Tzoc killed the dog when she tried to force a parakeet down its throat – with a metal curtain rod.

Her reasoning was that she wanted to feed the bird to her dogs since they had wanted to eat it for some time.

woman forces bird on dog
Image Credit: yousignanimals

I know, doesn’t make sense – does it?

After getting some calls from concerned neighbors, the police went to her house to check on reports of child abuse.

This was just about 2 months before Tzoc killed the dog.

Apparently, Tzoc’s 6-year-old daughter was beaten (with a stick) for getting in trouble at school.

When authorities found the dog, it was wrapped in curtains and near a dumpster.

Thankfully, Tzoc is off the streets and is facing felony charges.

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