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Folding Fitted Sheets Can Be Frustrating So Here’s How To Fold Them Easily!

As the seasons change, we change the sheets on our beds. In fall, we switch out the light cotton sheets for our warm flannel sheets. We then need to arrange that fitted sheet somehow so that it fits back into the bag we bought it in. That never happens! Folding sheets is – well a pain.

How the companies get the sheets to fit into those tiny plastic bags is simply magic. The flat sheet is easier, but it can be difficult to line up all the corners. The fitted sheet at my house ends up being rolled into a ball and then flattened! LOL! Jill Cooper to the rescue! In this video, we will learn how to fold that fitted sheet.

Take a look at this video

Jill gives us step-by-step instructions that are just genius! Why didn’t I ever figure that out! She even gives you a boost of confidence at the end! Thank you, Jill! You are a lifesaver!

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