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Fluffy Kitten Was Fast Asleep, But When Mommy Lifted Him Up I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes!

People love to get videos of their loved ones sleeping. Why? I am not completely sure. But we see them all the time the sleeping human kind and the sleeping furry kind. At the beginning of the video, before you hit play, you can see what appears to be one tiny kitten enjoying a nap.

Then when you click on the play button, you will see the kitten’s owner reach over and pick up the sleeping feline. But, wait! There was more than one kitten in that pile of fluff! Cats love to snuggle, and these two kittens had us both fooled! Don’t believe me? Well, click on play and see how the two kittens blended perfectly into one!

Take a look at this video!

The kittens didn’t seem to happy about being disturbed, but if they are anything like my cats, they will be snoring again in no time! Share this cuteness with your friends!