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Flight Attendant Adopts Dog Who Never Stopped Waiting For Her Outside Hotel

This is a story about love, persistence, and fierce determination. Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant who makes frequent visits from Germany (her home) to Argentina for work. Whenever she goes to Argentina – she always has a friend waiting there for her. No, her friend isn’t a human, it is a dog named Rubio.

During the summer last year, Olivia found Rubio near the hotel where she was staying. Rubio was a street dog. When he saw her, he must have known they were meant to be together because he followed her around.

She gave him food, and they played. Rubio had probably not had so much fun! He continued to follow Olivia.

She admits that she tried to ‘lose’ him, but he was always there. Rubio followed her to her hotel and waited. In a short while, Olivia had to leave, and she had to leave Rubio behind.