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Boy Is Bullied Because He Has Deformed Legs ‘Like A Flamingo’

Celebrities who use their fame and fortune to help make the world a better place are a blessing to the world.

One of these individuals who uses their privileges to help those who are less fortunate is none other than Tim Tebow, renowned former NFL quarterback.

This star is well-known for his strong faith in his religion and his kind, compassionate heart.

Tim Tebow opened a self-made charity called the Tim Tebow Foundation that has been changing the lives of many children and underprivileged individuals all around the world.

Recently, one of these changed lives was that of a young boy from the Philippines.

This boy is named Aldrin, and he’s 11 years old, and he has legs like a flamingo.

Flamingos have long legs that are able to bend at the knee backwards, and Aldrin was born with a congenital dislocation in his knees that resulted in them bending the wrong way around.

Every day, he struggled with pain and faced difficulty even just standing up.

But that was not all that Aldrin faced.

He was also repeatedly bullied for his differences, and he was so hurt and beaten down from this suffering that he felt as though he had no purpose left in life.

When he walked into the Tebow CURE Hospital, he felt broken and saddened.

When Tim saw a picture of Aldrin, he knew he had to help him and go above and beyond to do so.

The heart-wrenching tale was one that reminded him heavily of someone who was the inspiration behind the creation of his foundation, and this drove Tim to help Aldrin even more.

Born in the Philippines to missionary parents, Tim, who is now 30, grew up in the country and, even as his life changed for the better, he never forgot the struggles of those who lived in the nation.

He was inspired to start charity work thanks to a young boy named Sherwin, who he met in the middle of a remote jungle.

Sherwin, too, was born with a deformity in his legs that resulted in his feet developing backwards.

The moment Tim met Sherwin, he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to fighting for the rights and happiness of those whose voices were often missed, and for those less fortunate than himself.

This is what made Aldrin’s story resonate so much with Tim, and he knew that he had to spring into action and offer him the help and care he needed.

Aldrin’s condition meant his skin was very stretched over the front side of his leg, and that his tendons were severely contracted and his femur, malformed.

He had never gotten help for the condition before, and this meant that it had gone untreated for a very long time.

The procedure to change his life would not be easy, but doctors wanted to work tirelessly to help him, and Aldrin was eager because he knew that after his surgery, his legs would be able to work as they should.

Watch the video to find out more about Aldrin’s transformation and the awe-inspiring journey he’s been through.