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Fluffy Kittens Spot An ‘Intruder’ And Immediately Begin Some Serious Probing!

What is important is that they have noticed something out of place and are willing to do what it takes to investigate and pounce the unsuspecting – and unwanted guest. You can tell by how brave these cats are that they will grow up to be fantastic bug catchers.

kittens and bug

Image Credit: YouTube

Watch them go for it in the video. That was a year ago, you can imagine that as the cats aged, they got smarter and can tell the difference between a real bug and a fake bug. Let us see how they have progressed since then.

Hmm, it seems as if they are still chasing plastic ‘bugs.’ Well, we just caught them on an off day. This is them honing their skills! You have to stay sharp and need – well, cat-like reflexes to catch bugs! Share away, people!

[h/t LoveMeow]