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Fireman Found The Poor Thing Helpless In A House Fire — When I Saw What It Was…

This story is a heartwarming one, and it concerns local fireman Cory Kalanick and a frail yet helpless kitten left behind to the roaring flames within a house fire. While the rest of his team were busy putting the flames out, Cory barged in to make sure that everyone got out – except this little kitten, who was unconscious at the time from all the smoke and fire fumes.

He quickly sprang into action – wrapping the little kitty in his arms, he managed to make it safely outside! He also made sure that the kitten obtained a fresh supply of oxygen ASAP, before bringing it to the local veterinarian! This lucky kitten is now safe and sound with her family members, thanks to Cory!

Check out the video below!

Thank you Cory – we salute your great effort!

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