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Bullied Boy Says Fireman Took Him Home From School. That Night, Mom Sees Him Waiting Outside

Firefighters are all heroes, but, the EMTs in this story took that to another level! Jonathan Moran attends a special education school in Cranford, New Jersey. Jonathan has some trouble with self-control and is a high-functioning autistic boy who was sadly bullied on his way home from school, but he didn’t lose control and did not retaliate.

The bullies left bruises on his face, split his lip, and broke his glasses. The Linden Fire Department EMTs were called and let Jonathan hop in their truck and drove him home! But they didn’t stop there, later that same evening the EMTs returned with some gifts for Jonathan.

Watch the news clip below and hear from the firefighters yourself

Hope, Jonathan’s mother was proud of her son and beyond happy when the firefighters supported Jonathan! We are proud of you too Jonathan! Share away, people!