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When Rescue Feral Cat Gets Belly Rubs For The First Time, His Response Is Priceless!

Pet owners around the world know that most pets absolutely love to have their belly scratched. Not all pets do – but most. Sadly, feral cats and stray dogs may not be aware of how lovely it is to have a nice belly rub. In this video, we are going to see a feral kitten first learn of how good a belly rub can truly be! It is said that this is his first belly rub ever.

You will see that the kitten is in heaven! His paws are out and relaxed, and the belly rub is in full swing when the video begins! What a lucky kitten! Be warned that not all feral kittens will be so easy. Taking in a feral cat is a commitment. But, the rewards make it worth it.

Take a look at this video!

So, now go forth and give a belly rub to every cat you know – they may (or may not) thank you for it! Share away, people!