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Female Soldier Collapses On The Ground But None Expected How Fellow Soldiers Treated Her

The Expert Field Medical Badge is an honor given to military medical personnel who can complete a series of exhausting and tiring tests, some written and some physical.

It is so difficult to attain that it is estimated that up to 80% fail the examinations.

U.S. Army Captain Sarah Cudd of Public Health Command, Fort Knox set out to earn this badge alongside a large number of other candidates.

While on the final leg of the examination – a grueling 12-mile tactical food march to be completed within three hours while carrying 70lbs of gear – she found herself growing weary.

She was nearly at the finish line with 13 minutes to go when she collapsed from exhaustion.

Despite her tiredness, Cudd refused to give up. She hoisted herself back onto her feet, but stumbled and fell again.

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At that moment, soldiers around her immediately began to shout words of encouragement that gave her just the extra boost she needed to cross the finish line.

A badge well-earned, indeed!

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