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Female Soldier Boards Plane, Then First Class Passenger Refuses To Let Her Sit In Coach

Our veterans deserve our thanks and praise for what they do. The airlines do a good job of making the men and women of our armed forces feel appreciated.

Current or former military personnel board the plane early. They are often thanked by airport and airline staff. Recently, some passengers were boarding a plane.

soldier on plane

Image Credit: Tshevlin / Wikimedia

You know the drill, first class passengers go first. Then members of the Armed Forces and then the rest of the people.

So, the first-class passengers were all on, and a woman wearing an Army uniform boarded the plane.

Just before she passed a man seated in his first-class seat, he stood up. He apologized to her and said he was in her seat.

Shocked, the officer said no, that wasn’t her seat, she had seat 31 B. The man ignored her, left his ticket with her and went to seat 31B.

The scene was witnessed by Jessica Titus. She took photos of the man (well, the back of his head).

She shared the heartwarming story on the Love What Matters Facebook page. As you can see 37,000 people reacted and over 2,600 people shared it.

Jessica also wrote the man in 31 B a note and gave him some money to enjoy a snack.

Jessica wrote that the man refused her offer. See what good can happen if we all treat each other with respect?

soldier on plane

Image Credit: Pexels

You can make a difference. This man did. Thank you to all of you out there doing good! Keep it up – we see you and applaud your efforts!

soldier on plane

Image Credit: skeeze / Pixabay

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