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Starving Kitty Makes Unusual Sound When He Eats To Thank People For Feeding Him

You can sometimes tell if someone is enjoying a meal. They may just say “wow, this is delicious,” or they may be subtler. I have a friend who will actually start to sway side to side ever so slightly when he is enjoying a meal. He doesn’t even know he is doing it! Animals usually don’t make much noise while they are eating – at least mine don’t.

The stray cat in this video is clearly very hungry. He met some humans who offered him some food. He happily accepts their offering and begins to eat. He also makes the sweetest little noises! The cat comes into view already meowing up a storm. He starts to eat and seems to want to continue meowing.

Take a look at this video

It is probably quite difficult to chew and eat and swallow all at once – as you will see. I hope that someone takes this cat off the streets and gives him a proper home. Share away, people.