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Father’s Hilarious Response To His Sons Using Phones During Dinner Is Hilarious!

Modern technology has done a lot of great things for the world, but let’s face it: sometimes, we’re just too distracted by our smartphones. How many times have you seen, whether in real life or on TV, the depiction of kids or teenagers glued to their phones during dinner, having little to no conversation with their families?

Well, this is exactly what happens here in this hilarious video. It’s a typical scene: two teenaged boys and their two parents are at the table having dinner when the former two begin to check their phones. It’s to the point where they don’t even pay attention and pass their annoyed dad the pepper instead of the salt! So what does this dad do?

Take a look at this hilarious video!

After some adorable and hilarious nonverbal communication with his wife, he whips out a typewriter and begins fervently typing away. His kids immediately stare at him like he’s gone nuts and try to ask what he’s doing, but he’s too busy typing to reply.

When he finally does, his kids have gotten the message and put their phones away. Bit on the nose, but it definitely works! Show this funny video to those who need to see it!

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