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Dad Takes 3-Year-Old Daughter Out On Monthly ‘Dates’ To Show Her How She Should Be Treated

We have all heard of father/daughter dances. Those are usually events held by churches or schools. But, Caitlin Fladager’s husband, Noah Slomski decided to do more than just that. Once a month, Noah takes his oldest daughter, Arianna, out for a date!

The two go out for cake and ice cream. It is a big deal too. Arianna gets all dressed up. Noah helps her pick out what to wear and even got her a little purse to take with her. Noah treats her like a lady!

He holds the door for her and makes her feel special! Our children are our future. We all need to be like Noah and show them respect and love. If they grow up feeling loved, they will be loving people.

Give them respect and they will be respectful adults. Thank you, Noah! Arianna is lucky to have you! Share away, people!