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Father Dangles Baby From Window For Horrifying Reason (Photo)

This is not even remotely funny. A father took his child by the shirt and dangled him out of a window 150 feet above the street.

At the same time, he was holding the child out of the window, he was busy taking a video with his other hand!

baby and father

Image Credit: N/A

Then the Algerian man posted the video with the caption “1,000 likes, or I will drop him.”

The news of the incident spread quickly, and the man was found, arrested, and sentenced to two years in prison.

This was a stunt to get a lot of likes on Facebook?

baby and father

Image Credit: N/A

What has the world come to? Who cares how many likes you get on Facebook? Facebook isn’t life – it is a website where people share way too much information about their private lives.

I hope the little boy never has to see his father again. Who knows what the man will do to this child when he is released from prison.

Share away, people.