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Father And Son Slice A Rattlesnake For A Science Project, Here’s What’s Inside The Tail

Have you ever wondered what makes a rattlesnake ‘rattle?’

Daniel Markham and his son, Lincoln, wondered too. In 2014, Daniel started a YouTube channel to help Lincoln at school.

They now used the channel to post videos their channel is called “What’s Inside.”

The main concept behind the channel is to show viewers what is inside the animals they dissect.

The video below shows them cut open the tail of a rattlesnake to see what is inside.

The video was posted to YouTube in 2016 and was quite popular – sadly, the tail was empty! Mystery – unsolved!

Not really, the sound is made when two layers of keratin in the tail hit each other.

To get inside, they cut both layers of keratin.

Take a look at this video

Please don’t try this at home! Rattlesnakes are venomous! Daniel and Lincoln got the tail on eBay.

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