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Crowd Weeping With Father And Son’s Song Forcing Simon To Hit The ‘Golden Buzzer’

Family acts on talent shows are always incredible to watch, and this particular father and son duo knocked it out of the park. Tim Goodacre, 43 years old, and his son Jack Goodacre, 12 years old, have always had a strong passion for music, and they make an excellent team in their talents! They might have over thirty years between them, but their shared love for the art has made them the perfect duo.

The pair wrote an original song entitled The Lucky Ones about their relationship, and it tells the story of the losses their family has experienced while maintaining that the father and son are lucky to have everything that they have. It’s a song about love and loss, and it’s one guaranteed to pull heartstrings.

Image Credit: YouTube

Knowing this song was special, this pair mustered up the courage to head onto Britain’s Got Talent’s audition stage. They told the story behind their song and bravely explained it to the judges. When they began to sing the song, the audience was immediately captivated, and the millions watching from home around the world were just as drawn in.

Image Credit: YouTube

Tim and Jack had no idea that one particular judge would have such a strong and shocking reaction to their performance. What happened as they finished their song to uproarious applause might just bring a tear to your eye with its shocking turn! Check out the video to see exactly what happened!

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