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Father And Young Son Found Dead In Lake After Not Returning From Hunting Trip

A man and his five-year-old son went duck hunting in Texas. When they didn’t come home, they were reported missing by the wife and mother, Megan Saunders. The bodies of Corey Saunders, 26, and his son, Nathan, were found near Lake Tawakoni. Hunt, the family dog, had also gone with them but had made it safely to shore.

Hunt was able to take the police from Hunt County Sheriff’s Office to where Nathan’s body was, but Corey was nowhere around. After searching, they found his body near the overturned boat. It appears as if the boat overturned and the father and son both drowned. It is thought that they had overloaded the boat and it couldn’t hold the equipment and capsized.

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Sadly, neither one was wearing a life jacket. An autopsy done on Nathan showed that he did die from accidental drowning. Be safe. Wear life jackets. Share away, people.