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Woman Farts During Surgery And Catches On Fire — Then Things Take Scary Turn

We all have gas, some people are more discrete about it than others. Back in April 2016, an unnamed woman having surgery on her cervix at Tokyo University Medical Hospital reportedly farted while under anesthesia – and it started a fire. Most of us will never toot and cause a fire in the house, but this particular fart happened near a surgical laser.

The hospital’s official report stated that caused of the fire was when the intestinal gas from the patient leaked out and ignited with the irradiation of the laser. The fire even spread to the surgical drapes the patient had covering her, and she suffered from burns to her legs, waist, and lower body.

fart catches fire

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

She has reportedly recovered fully. Thankfully there were no other flammable gasses in the room at the time of the fire and explosion. Since the equipment itself was all in good working order, the only logical explanation for the fire was the fart.

fart catches fire

Image Credit: Inform