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Heartbroken Farmer Discovers His Horse Had Fallen Into Pit, Then Begs Him Not To Die

For thirteen years, Marek Slodkowski has been raising horses. In all his experience, he never faced the situation that is featured in the video below. It was a tragedy that no one could have expected. One morning, he walked into his barn and found that his horse slipped and fell into a maintenance pit! Just so you know, the average adult horse weighs about 840 to 2,200 pounds! It wasn’t as if Marek could just get the horse out on his own!

No one knows how long Freedom had been in the pit – was she hurt in some way and couldn’t move?! What they did know is that the horse, Freedom, was stuck and couldn’t get out on her own. Marek first shoved hay into the pit hoping that it would give Freedom something to get her footing on. But, it wasn’t enough and Freedom was still stuck!

Worried about his horse, Marek called the fire department to see if they could come up with an idea to help him get Freedom out. What they needed was some sort of sign that Freedom hadn’t completely given up hope! Then, they got the sign when Freedom stood up and began to use her front legs – she was trying to get herself out!

Watch the amazing video below!

The firefighters jumped in and gave her the extra push and pull and tug she needed to get free! Within just a few minutes Freedom was out! Share away, people!