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Farmer Checks On His Sheep During Heavy Rain Only To See Black ‘Creatures’ On Them

Any old port in a storm – right? Flood waters were rising in New Zealand, and three wild rabbits needed a safe place – and they found it on the backs of some nearby sheep! The photos were taken by the farm’s owner, Horne, who had gone to check on his sheep during the flood. He was a little shocked to see three dark spots on his sheep!

Once he realized they were rabbits, he captured the unlikely situation on video with his smartphone! Who would have believed the 64-year-old farmer if he just said the rabbits had hitchhiked on the backs of his sheep?! Horne sent the video to his son, and it eventually found its way to Facebook, and a local newspaper picked it up!

Take a look at this video!

Horne led his sheep to dry ground, and the rabbits vanished into some bushes! For all the right reasons, it has gone viral – share away, people!