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Family Terms Dog ‘Gross’ After Being Hit By Car And Refuses To Take Her Back

The rescue organization in Cape Town, South Africa, called Sidewalk Specials uses a network of social media and fosters to rehome dogs. They strive to rescue and rehome many abandoned and abused dogs and urge people to adopt animals instead of shopping for one.

The group recently took in a small dog that had been rejected by her family after she was hit by a car. The dog, named Squirrel, was said to be too ‘gross’ and they thought that she would scare the children with her looks! Squirrel deserves better than that – I am glad she is in the capable hands of the rescue, but she is in desperate need of a new forever home.

Watch the video below

If you can help, please reach out to the group: Donations for her medical expenses can be made here:

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