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Family Starts Recording Their Cat, Then Suddenly He Finds A New Toy To Play With!

Cats are curious. At my house, you can tell when the cats have found something interesting because they will all gather (in a circle) around the ‘foreign’ object and watch. They can often get themselves into trouble with the things they find. Anything that hangs down from a high height is fair game for cats. Right?

Well, cats need to know that not all of the things that they see are toys. One has to be careful with what you – well, this is awkward. The cat in this video has seen, um, a male dog’s – male parts! They dangle! They are just too irresistible! You should know that the dog was not harmed (and the cat wasn’t either) during the filming of this video.

Take a look at this video!

Have a good laugh and then share this video with your friends! Having pets in our lives makes us learn to expect the unexpected!