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Family Hurries To Meet Newborn, But Had No Idea There Was Another Baby In There

In this day and age, you should be able to find out if you are having a boy or a girl when you get pregnant. You should also learn if you are having one baby or twins – or more! Theresa Slater and her husband were expecting baby number five and wanted to have everything about this birth be a secret.

No gender reveal party or anything. Family and friends were kept completely in the dark. When the day finally came, Theresa had gone to the hospital and gave birth. The family was excited to learn all about the newest family member finally – or in this case, family members! Theresa had twins!

Take a look at this video

The camera she set up in the room captured the faces of her family and friends when they realized the amazing news! So, wait, the Slater’s now have six children? Wow, God Bless them! Share away, people!