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Family Left Speechless After Seeing Mountain Lion Napping On Their Doorstep!

Some time ago, in Heber City, Utah, Kathy Inman saw a large animal sleeping on her front porch. At first, Kathy thought it was just a big dog. But, she was way off! It was a mountain lion! The big kitty decided to curl up on her front porch for a lazy afternoon nap!

Kathy decided to tap on the glass, and that was okay with the mountain lion who was able to ignore the sound! Finally, Kathy called the wildlife authorities for assistance. The person who took all the amazing photos below was Kathy’s neighbor, Rhett Riding.

The animal control officers were able to dart the cat with a tranquilizer. When the sedative kicked in, the cat was transported to safety and released well away from the neighborhood! Watch the video below to see the whole situation unfold!

Nice kitty! Good kitty!

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