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Family Thinks They Adopted Two Normal Dogs — But Watch When They Stand Up

Getting a dog is a big decision. There is a lot of care that goes into raising and caring for a dog. Many people don’t realize how much work having an animal can really be. In Long Beach, California, Bee and Joshua Fisher had three sons – but knew they wanted something else to make their family complete.

The couple decided to adopt two Newfoundland puppies and named them Ralphie and The Boss. The one thing the Fisher’s didn’t anticipate was just how big the two dogs would be as adults!

The couple started an Instagram account to share their many adventures with three boys and the large canines.

Did you know that a full-grown Newfoundland can weigh up to 300 pounds?!

The Fishers have two! But, what is more, important is that the dogs are lovable and tolerate!

The Fisher boys, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan all love their canine brothers and will get to grow up with their companionship!