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Son Dies In Combat, So Family Adopts A Puppy In His Memory. Then He Sends Them A Message

Justin Rollins, U.S. Army SPC, was killed in Iraq while serving this country in 2007, he was only 23 years old. The night before he was killed he and some fellow soldiers took some pictures – in the picture, many of the soldiers were holding puppies.

When Justin’s parents saw the picture and learned of their son’s death – they wanted to see if they could find that puppy. They wanted to bring that puppy home to live with them. It wasn’t easy, but they did manage to find the puppy and bring him home. The news show 20/20 when to the Rollins home for an interview – while they were there something amazing happened.

Take a look at this video

Many people are saying that it is a sign from Justin. Is it? What do you think? Let us know and share away, people!