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Fake Letter Scam Empties Bank Accounts Worldwide — Here’s What To Take Note Of

Scams are extremely prevalent in today’s society in modernity – with scammers constantly thinking up of fool-proof ways to cheat us of our hard earned cash, its hard to differentiate what is truly genuine, and what isn’t. Take this Walmart letter and check case for example.

This letter seems like its from Walmart, but its not – through ordinary paper mail, it would seem like you have been chosen as one of the few lucky ones to participate in a Walmart customer service survey – and they would pay you handsomely for it. All you have to do is to accept and Walmart would be paying you to shop at one of their outlets. Seems like a dream come true at first, but its not.

Image Credit: N/A

As shown below, a fake customer service survey ‘payment’ will be mailed to you under the guise of a seemingly ‘genuine’ Walmart check. If you cash this check, scammers would be able to gain access to all of your finances – and empty them. Do not fall for this!

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