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Exhausted Couple Hacking Away At Ice Were Determined To Help Save Drowning Moose

Have you ever seen a moose? Me neither. A couple in Sweden not only saw real live moose – they helped save its life! The man and woman from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden saw the moose struggling in some icy water. They could tell the moose was exhausted. They grabbed their ice skates, an ax, and an ice pick and rushed out to see if they could help get her free.

They had to chip away at the thick ice to try and get her closer to the shore. Once her feet were on solid ground, they hoped she could free herself. The video below is edited to make it shorter – but it shows from start to finish how they were able to get the moose out. You may find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Take a look at this video

The moose looks like she had given up completely. Sometimes, she didn’t even react when they tried to scare her.
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