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Shocking Video Shows An Excavator Crushing A Tiger To Death

In Northern India, a tiger “rescue” occurring in Jim Corbett National Park met with a mishap when a Bengal tiger was crushed and killed by the very same machine used to transport it – an excavator. In the previous week, the tiger attacked a group of migrant laborers who worked at a stone quarry – and killed 1 man and 1 woman there. Thus the local authorities entrusted the task of capturing and relocating the tiger to the staff of Jim Corbett National Park.

The rangers tranquilized the tiger after locating it and attempted to hoist it with a JCB digger nearby. The navigator lost control of the machine, causing the rear end to slam right down on the tiger, killing it. However, wildlife officials had tried to claim that the tiger died due to an infection and asphyxiation instead, angering animal lovers and activists worldwide.

Take a look at the video below!

Poor tiger – rest in peace.

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